Saturday, 31 July 2010

Now playing: ‘Crooked’ – Kristin Hersh (2010)

“Is this witchy?
My thoughts are cloudy.
This is weird: my mind is clear.”

(The return of my not-at-all-weekly-kinda-now-monthly post on recent releases – as a momentary pause from all the 80s goth memories.)

Books are the new vinyl. Sorta. Kristin Hersh has been looking at new ways to release her songs for the past few years. In that time, she’s been releasing demos, EPs and more online through the CASH Music initiative. They’re all free to share and even remix – you’re just asked to throw some money in the tip jar if you feel like it. More dedicated fans – Kristin’s ‘Strange Angels’ – also have the opportunity to subscribe to her work and in return get exclusive recordings, guestlist passes, and even the chance to visit her in the studio.

Kristin’s latest project is ‘Crooked’ – originally a series of works in progress on her site, that has now evolved into a beautiful set of essays, photos and downloadable studio recordings. These are the songs that have been distracting me on my train journeys to London. Usually I’d be reading. But Kristin’s songs always demand your attention, with their intricate phrasings and delightfully off-kilter melodies. Each listen reveals new treasures.

I’m already looking forward to Kristin’s next project: her ‘Rat Girl’ memoirs, which I saw her performing a couple of years ago as ‘Paradoxical Undressing’ at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

No Spotify linky for this one. Instead I’ll direct you to a stream of the album at Kristin’s site:

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