Saturday, 2 June 2012

'Story and Songs from Peter Pan' (1969)

"He can fly...
He can fly.
He flewed."

1977. The Silver Jubilee. Punks are on the offensive – in every sense of the word. It feels like the old musical dynasties are about to be blown away. A truly catalysing time. But I’m six. So you’ll find me listening to Disney read-along records.  

As the police were raiding the Sex Pistols’ boat party on the Thames, I was round my friend Richard’s house swapping the Jubilee mug and silver coin we’d been given at school for Star Wars cards.

It seemed like the whole neighbourhood was partying in Richard's back garden. We played darts. Not proper darts. Those Velcro® ones. That’s about all I remember. If anyone from the BBC is reading, feel free to use any of these glorious recollections in your Jubilee documentaries.  

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