Thursday, 6 February 2014

'Which Smiths Record Cover Are You?'

Michael, if this was a proper blog, you’d have one of those link-baiting personality tests everyone loves so much.” You’re right. Again. That’s why I love you so. Let’s get to it…  

Just answer the three simple questions below to discover which Smiths album sleeve you are...

Do you have a favourite colour? (I don’t want to know the actual colour - it will have a negligible impact on the end result, believe me.) 

Have you ever watched a television show? (You have? Excellent. This is going well, isn’t it?)

Something random about fruit. Erm… Do you believe in bananas?     

Ok, that’s it. And I’ve decided that you are… 

Yep, ‘The World Won’t Listen.’

Make of that what you will. It could mean you’re terribly introverted. Or then again, perhaps incredibly extroverted. Who am I to say? Try doing it again if you’d like another album. You won’t actually get one, but it will reconfirm your first choice. 

Back to our regular programming tomorrow. Probably.  

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