Saturday, 21 August 2010

‘Start Choppin’’ – Dinosaur Jr (1992)

“Oh, there’s no going back to that,
I’m so numb, can’t even react.”

10-inch singles. Another ridiculously inconvenient way to listen to music. No record player liked them. You always had to drop the needle manually. And then you could never remember if they played at 45rpm or 33rpm. Whichever choice you made it was always the wrong one and you’d have to get back up off your bed to flick the speed control.

And we get a double whammy with ‘Start Choppin’’ (limited edition number 1686, fact fans) as it’s also obviously a picture disc. Which meant the sound quality would be highly dubious. I’ve never actually listened to it though. That’s the golden rule of picture discs: you don’t actually play them. You wait to hear the song on the album and sacrifice ever hearing the b-sides.

With cover art that good though, it was well worth the £3.49 even if I never played it. I loved the Dinosaur Jr sleeves at that time. They were by a guy named Angry Johnny. Of course they were; Happy Johnny ain’t painting stuff like that. I had a T-shirt featuring the back cover below and I still miss it.

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Dinosaur Jr. – Start Choppin'


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  2. Hi, Lusuhone. Unfortunately, all my Dinosaur T-shirts are long lost. (Sorry for the delayed response - I really should check the comments on my posts more often.)