Monday, 30 August 2010

Your Plastic Giveaway – Blog Post 100

Everyone loves free stuff. Fact. And I’ve got two mystery bundles of sparkling free stuff I’d like to offer you dear readers for making it through 100 of these meandering posts with me.

Basically, I’ve been having a Bank Holiday clearout. As you can imagine, I have a habit of buying my favourite albums over and over again in repackaged multi-CD gatefold limited editions (with ‘extra tracks and a tacky badge’). So I thought now was the perfect time for some of my ‘doubles’ to find new homes.

Some of the albums you’ll have read about here (including the one that started it all: ‘Psychocandy’). Most will probably pop up in future posts (Pavement, Whiskeytown, Patti Smith). All can be put on eBay if you really don’t like them.

I’ve spilt the CDs into two themed bundles: Psycho and Candy. Just tell me in the comments which mystery bundle you’d like (one choice per person, folks) and I’ll get someone who isn’t me to pick two winners at random this weekend. Sometimes I think I’m too good to you all.

Best of luck!

Small print: This giveaway is only open to readers who I know and I can give the prize to in person – I’m not meeting up with random strangers or paying for postage on any of these prizes.


  1. difficult decision but i would like to post a claim to the Psycho theme please ^_^

  2. I vote Candy :) and I faithfully promise that if I win, I will listen to every track on every CD with an open mind. And try not to hate them all ;)

  3. Psycho! Because if I win, I want to sell it to Dan at a reasonable market price.

  4. Now you have commented on your own post does that mean you are now also in the running to win?

  5. No, because he didn't specify which set he wanted, per the rules of the giveaway.

    I have spent too much time reading Ts & Cs in my life. Sigh.

  6. Michael I feel I deserve the mystery bundle because a) if there is any vinyl I will play it on a mint condition 1980s B&O sound centre. b) we haven't seen each other for ages and lets invite Nicky M over for the handover ceremony and c) I went to the greenpeace cure concert in 1987 so I deserve it for my inner goth. PS the photo wasn't in NME or MM - I must have imagined it!

  7. I want candy! dum de dum dum, dum dum. I want candy! dum de dum dum, dum dum.

    I should win because I answered in song.

  8. Psycho for me, Candy for Lucy plse! xx

  9. Thanks for all your entries, folks.

    The offer is now closed. A special guest will pick the two winners today and I'll let you know the results tomorrow.

    Good luck again.