Saturday, 18 September 2010

Now playing: ‘Worm Tamer’ – Grinderman (2010)

“Well my baby calls me the Loch Ness Monster,
Two great humps and then I’m gone.”

That made me laugh out loud at the station this week.

Nick Cave’s ‘No God, no love, no piano’ approach to Grinderman didn’t really snag me the first time round as those are the things I love most about his music, but this second album has been on continuous play. Each song seems to wrestle some wonderfully discordant new sound from their guitars. A kind of painful beauty.

A visit to BUG at the NFT this week included a chance to see director John Hillcoat discuss his Grinderman videos and the new creative freedom fostered by the shift from MTV to YouTube. I’d like to see a video that explains how they make those guitar sounds.

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