Sunday, 5 September 2010

‘Your Plastic Giveaway’: The Results

There was a waffly ‘thank you’ intro here. I deleted it. You just want to hear the results of last week’s special Blog Post 100 prize draw to win two mystery bundles of CDs.

My glamorous and impartial mistress of ceremonies Joann conducted both prize draws (Psycho and Candy) this afternoon (using a Candy Cakes bag – see what she did there?) and the two winners are …

Congrats to Puffbun (aka Samantha – you didn’t actually choose a category, so I popped you in Psycho to balance the numbers) and Roslyn (hopefully this prize can double as a birthday gift too). I’ll bring your CDs with me next time we meet.

Thanks to everyone who entered. In many ways you’re all winners. Just not in this way.


  1. psycho - how appropriate! Looking forward to catching up and reliving our goth past.

  2. :) Congrats, Samantha - look forward to seeing you again soon too and will bring your Psycho bundle with me.