Monday, 21 May 2012

'Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!' - The Sugarcubes (1989)

"Yes to food,
Is yes to life."

This doesn’t really work. Advertised as ‘silver vinyl’. In reality, more like an insipid grey.

This limited edition of The Sugarcubes’ second album was released in my first few weeks at college and had to be bought through the Chain With No Name – an affiliation of UK indie shops that (after a quick Google) I’m pretty certain no longer exists.

Fortunately, it didn’t take me much hunting down as I had picked my college primarily for its close proximity to the indie stores of central London. This is pretty much how I make all the major decisions in my life. Where to live. Where to work. Where to holiday. If it’s within a short walk of a record store, then I’m happy. A theory my friend Alice put to the test one weekend by inviting me to the vinyl wastelands of the Cotswolds. Never again.

I just flipped open the gatefold sleeve and out popped the very bag I bought this in 23 years ago. (Hoarder? Me?)

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