Wednesday, 2 May 2012

'Travelling Light' - Tindersticks (1995)

"Do you remember, how much you loved me?"

My nan has always said that if she won the lottery, she’d give half to the Tindersticks. So they could play a live show in her back garden. She's longed to see them for years, but feels she's too old to travel to their gigs - and they have yet to do a live DVD. So this way she hopes they'd come to her.  

This would be the best gig ever! (Yes, better than Live Aid). It would need to be early evening as my nan gets tired past nine. Some time between ‘Deal Or No Deal’ and ‘Corrie’ would be ideal. And we’ll need to keep everyone off the flower beds, obviously. But I can ‘t see any other complications. Oh, limited parking out in the road, I suppose.

The perfect end to the show would be ‘Travelling Light’ – my nan’s favourite. In fact, it would be the perfect start and middle too. They could just play this one song and the show would be the best ever. "Better than Live Aid, Michael?" Yes, weren’t you paying attention earlier?   

My nan’s always had a soft spot for men with a deep voice. Nick Cave. Leonard Cohen. The Mysterons. (I made that last one up.) But Stuart A. Staples from the Tindersticks is her absolute fave. I so hope this show happens one day. Guess I better go get this week’s lottery ticket for her.
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