Friday, 27 July 2012

'Perfect' - The The (1983)

"What is there to fear from such a regular world?"

No-one can beat me at the 100 metres. Think that’s still true – can’t be bothered to Google it. But I hear the London Olympics is coming up, so I’m sure someone will give it a go. We’ll see.

My nickname at school should have been ‘The Flash’. Popular consensus chose ‘Goth!!’ instead. But my PE teacher could see beyond the petty labels to the raw talent sprinting towards him. So I was asked to join the school sports team and take part in the District Championships. Hmmm… Joining teams? Competing in events? It doesn't sound very much like me. And it wasn’t.

Which is why my school Sports Days were spent sitting in the shade at the back of the field with my sister’s Walkman, whilst reading interviews with The The and Sigue Sigue Sputnik in the NME. And with three ‘Breaking Bad’ DVD box sets in front of me, I’m all ready for this year’s Games.  


  1. This promo 12-inch of 'Perfect' came bundled with 'Heartland' and is a slower version than the original (which you can find on my Spotify playlist) with rerecorded vocals.

    One of my favourite songs.

  2. I owe Matt Johnson an apology. I was once apprehended by Derby Hall security at Nottingham University for some student prank. I can't recall the prank exactly but I do remember beer, bar and being 100% in the wrong. He wanted my name. I stupidly/naturally said "Matt". By the time he asked for mu second name my Moriarty gene had kicked in and I said "Johnson". I escaped scott-free. I can only hope that this betrayal of the The The was in no way connected to their premature fall from grace.