Monday, 30 May 2011

‘In The Sky’ – The Fire Escapes (2011)

"Here come the icebergs
in the South Seas,
Here come the icebergs
for you and me."

The fear of traveling. Is there a name for that? I’m guessing so. Hang on … the Internet is telling me its ‘agoraphobia’. Always thought that was just the fear of wide open spaces, but apparently not. Well, whatever its name, I definitely have a touch of it. If you ever see me beyond the borders of South London, then you can be sure it took some effort and I’m counting the minutes until I return.

Waiting at airport departure gates on my lonesome remains the most daunting proposition. All the couples and families around me already seem to be embracing that ‘holiday spirit’ I hear so much about. Not me. I can’t begin to relax until I’m actually in the hotel room and unpacking. And then about an hour later I start stressing about the return journey home in a week’s time. I’m just too much of a homebody.

Which is why I adore songs that hint at poetic places and fantastical worlds beyond my front door. Grace Cathedral Park, Strawberry Hill and San Geronimo come immediately to mind from just the Red House Painters (I really must book that flight to San Francisco). Hearing tales of these places inspires me to confront my fears and venture out more often.

And that’s why I adore this iridescent new EP from The Fire Escapes. Lucy’s lucent vocals … ("Hold it there, Michael. Do you really think you’re going to pull off this ‘Lucy’ and ‘lucent’ thing. Are you perhaps being a bit too clever for your own good? What are you going to use for Mark’s guitars? Mark’s 'marbling’ guitars? Really? You were going to do that?") So, anyway, Lucy’s vocals and Mark’s guitars entwine quite exquisitely on these seven songs to entice you on the most wondrous of adventures. Want to ride icebergs in the South Seas, flame on to the Satellite City, and catch sight of seahorses in a snowstorm? Here’s your departure point.

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