Sunday, 8 May 2011

‘Push Th’ Litte Daisies’ – Ween (1993)

"It's all you,
And it's me too."

Writing about ‘Yon Yonson’ yesterday got me thinking about this oddity that also leapt into my life one Saturday morning through The Chart Show.

It ticks all the indie band boxes of the day. Home-made, black and white video, with some stop-motion animation and idiot dancing? Yep. Ludicrously affected vocals? Double, yep. Painfully infectious chorus? Triple, yep.

But at its heart, it’s just a wonderfully unabashed love song. That happens to be hatstand bonkers. And includes The-Worst-Ever-Use-Of-A-Prince-Sample™ on the video version below. Fact.

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