Saturday, 28 May 2011

‘Thorn of Crowns’ – Echo & the Bunnymen (1984)

Men on mars
April showers"

On Sunday 9th July 1989, I had this nonsense refrain stuck in my head all afternoon. I’d gone to meet my friend Toni down at our school’s bridle path. We’d arranged to take one of her Alsatians for a walk over the fuel allotments. She had half a dozen of them (perhaps more). And a goat. I shy away from all animals (and most people), but for Toni I made exceptions.

I gave her a pair of shoelaces. She gave me a packet of Dolly Mixtures. Do kids still do this? Did any other kids ever actually do this? No? Just us then.

The Bunnymen were continually popping in to my head that summer. Which was a bit distracting. And I really didn’t need any further distractions in my head. I’d just left school and was supposed to be looking for a job in order to avoid my Dad’s plan, which was to pack me off to university. But I was far more focused on going to see The Cure in concert with Toni at the end of the month, so was kind of postponing the job search until then. Can you guess how this works out, folks? Stay tuned.

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  1. A little peek inside the sleeve and I see I paid £3 for 'Ocean Rain' down The Rock Box.