Sunday, 22 April 2012

‘Do I Wait / Darkness’ – Ryan Adams (2011)

"What's this?" 
Limited Record Store Day release that I picked up in Boston.

"Do I wait here forever for you?
Did you ask me to?"

Ryan’s playing in town tomorrow!! At the Palladium, no less. The spiritual home of Bruce Forsyth. So you can guess who I’ve been listening to all day. No, not Brucie. (Yes, I know you saw that coming.)

We know it will be awesome ("Do we, Michael? Do we??") But the question is: how awesome? Other questions (in chronological order and with bullet points) include …

·         Will there be a sad clown in the rafters reading a newspaper like at the Royal Festival Hall in 2001?
·         Will Ryan be wrestled from the mic at quarter past one in the morning as happened in Boston?
·         Will I need to help him back up on stage like at Bush Hall in 2006? (Yes, these very hands have been placed on Ryan’s back. Yes, I have washed them since.)

All these quesions will be answered in a post-gig update. What a cliffhanger, eh?

("Hang on, Michael! Does this really count as a full-on post? It reminds me of one of those episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ where they just string some ‘best of’ clips together, and throw ten seconds of new animation at the start and end." Hmm, let me think about this... Yes, it counts!)

Spotify linky:
Ryan Adams – Do I Wait

So how awesome was Ryan at the Palladium? Well, on a scale of one to Helena Bonham Carter (with HBC being the pinnacle of awesome), he was certainly 'A Room With A View'.   

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