Saturday, 7 April 2012

‘EPs’ – Lanterns On The Lake (2008–2010)

"Don’t waste your love,
You know you need better."

Well, here’s the ultimate dilemma. (Yes, the ultimate. Don’t try to think of any others. You won’t succeed.) Do I crack open the wax stamps on these lovely Lanterns On The Lake EPs? Or do I leave them sealed forever?

It’s a heart-wrenching decision we’ve all faced. To this day, I’m haunted by the memory of slicing in to the limited edition, vacuum-packed PVC sleeve of the Orb’s ’U.F.Orb’ album. And, of course, opening the exquisite pill box that housed Spiritualized’s ’Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space.’ But those are both stories for another day.  

Today, it’s all about Lanterns On The Lake. These three EPs have been sitting unopened since the start of the week, when I saw the band support Low at the Royal Festival Hall in London. They were a wondrous revelation. A cavalcade of astounding sonic intensity, with a deep, deep heart. Look, there’s a guy playing his guitar with a violin bow. What’s not to love? A trip to the merch stand was needed immediately after to snap up their back catalogue. (Obsessive? Me?) But now I can’t bring myself to open any of it. I should have bought doubles. Argh!   

Ok. I’ve made my decision. Time to find my letter opener.
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