Thursday, 26 April 2012

'Welcome To The Pleasuredome'* - Frankie Goes To Hollywood (1985)

"I have it,
So I market it.
You really can’t afford it,

How’d you like them apples? Or apple? Or apple-shaped, seven-inch vinyl, photo disc? Oh, this really isn‘t working.

You’ve got to love Frankie for their glorious extravagance. Surely not economical to press. Completely impractical to ship, sell and store. And most likely to sound awful (though who’s really ever going to play it?). But then, forget all that, as it’s absolutely lovely to behold.  

More folk should do this kind of thing. I’d buy that Celine Dion record if it was shaped as the Titanic.("That’s just a bare-faced lie for comic effect, Michael." Rumbled!) 

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Not to be confused with this post on the album ‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome’.

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