Thursday, 29 March 2012

‘Hollow Heart’ – Birdland (1989)

"Baby, take a train,
Maybe dance in Birdland.
I ain’t got the energy,
Maybe that I once had."

So where were you when you first heard the ‘Hollow Heart’ EP by Birdland? "Who?" Well, yeah, ok, fair enough. They blazed brightly, but all too quickly. In fact, they kind of peaked fifty-three seconds in to this first single.

Very rarely do I buy just one EP/single/album by a band. The completist in me strives to collect every multiple variant of every release by every band that bewitches me. It’s why I own more than one Black Lace record (Before you ask : Yes, they actually did make more than one record. And, give me a break, I was only 10!) And it’s also why I still buy Morrissey’s albums. But this is the one and only Birdland release to make it in to my collection.

For one glorious Spring in 1989 (the best year ever for music - fact), they were Melody Maker’s bleached moptop, buzzsaw pop darlings. Listening back to this first EP now, they must have known time was against them. The three short, sharp songs on side one belt along at such a pace that they actually collide into each other. Listening back to them now, I’m not sure why I gave up on Birdland so soon. My passion for them is reignited. The Birdland revival starts here.

And ends here, I guess.  

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