Saturday, 17 March 2012

‘Slowdive’ – Slowdive (1990)

"I hear your voice,
But it can’t bring me back.
I’m chasing all the things,
I ever thought I had."

Have you ever met your doppelgänger? Mine hangs out in Brighton. Well, he did 22 years ago when he was last spotted.

This was back in my college days. A guy I half-knew (I have a terrible memory for names – let’s call him Andrew, as that may be close) came up to me in class one Monday morning and accused me of rudely ignoring him at the weekend. I’d been staying with my grandparents’ and didn’t recall him popping round, but he swore he’d seen me in a bar on Brighton seafront. This was back in my bird’s-nest-hair days, so I said he probably just mistook me for another bedraggled shoegazing student across a crowded, smoky bar (pre-ban days). But he was having none of it and was getting increasingly narked.

Apparently, after my alternate self ignored an initial wave, Andrew then approached me and said ‘hello’ but I claimed not to know him. I tried to explain that it was because it wasn’t me and he'd tried to befriend a stranger. But Andrew was adamant that he looked just like me. And he talked just like me. And, most importantly, he behaved just like me. He had a point there. I absolutely would have ignored Andrew if he’d approached me in a bar in Brighton.

To this day I would imagine Andrew’s still convinced that was actually me - yes, it may well keep him up nights. And I’m still hoping I get to meet my doppelgänger one day. It sounds like we’d get on famously.   
 Me, circa 1990. Or is it? 

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