Friday, 23 March 2012

‘Prince Charming’ – Adam And The Ants (1981)

"Ridicule is nothing to be scared of."

So, we seem to have a dancing theme emerging in these recent posts. Which reminds me of the only moves I’ve ever mastered: the Prince Charming. Oh, yes, no-one dances the Prince Charming quite like me.

Ok, so it only involves striding forward very slowly, whilst crossing your arms above your head and then lowering them. But if only it was that simple. It’s actually all in how you possess the character. How the nobility, regency and ardour of the Prince Charming flows through you. Any ten-year-old knows that.

I also realised these skills needed to be passed down through the family, so I quickly tutored my younger sister. We’d then leap up from the sofas to dance round the room every time the video was played on the telly. Which was an awful lot in 1981.

To this day, my arms still instinctively lock in position every time I hear those familiar drums pounding. Which is a tad embarrassing when I’m in the queue at the chippy.

P.S. Shortly after this video was released, I was rather chuffed to meet the wonderful fairy godmother Diana Dors when she opened my school's summer fête. I didn't show her my Prince Charming.

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