Tuesday, 13 March 2012

‘Something Or Nothing’ – Pale Seas (2012)

"You know you’ve fallen,
But I know how high."

And we’re back… Happy New Year! Happy Pancake Day! Happy Birthday (if I’ve missed one – sorry – hope there was balloons and ice cream)! I’m sure you’ve been pining for more tales of musical misadventures, unrequited love, and Gothic persecution. Don’t worry, we’ll be getting right back to those. Just not today.

No, today, we’re kind of limbering up. Doing some scholary star jumps, if you will. And I wanted to start moving forward again by introducing a bewitching new song by a beguiling new band. (See what I did with the be- thing there? Yep, I still haven’t lost it after all these months away.)

"So, Michael, is this another of those new bands you’re championing where you just so happen to know the bass player’s, third cousin’s chiropodist?" Yes, perhaps something like that. But don’t let that concern you. Unless you need your feet looking at. In which case, I can probably hook you up there.

Anyway, enough of this. ‘Tis a beautifully emotive song. With a lovely sleeve. And look: clear vinyl. *swoon*

More Pale Seas loveliness here: http://paleseas.com/

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