Thursday, 17 June 2010

'Godstar' - Psychic TV (1985)

“I wish I was with you now;
I wish I could save you somehow.”

What’s the latest big musical movement? Is there one? The last one I remember is emo from a few years back. It seems to me there’s about two generations coming up behind me who have no shared musical experiences beyond ‘X Factor’. I blame the Internet. This often unifying force has fractured musical tastes by giving everything and focusing on nothing.

In just the decade between 1985 and 1995 (when I was 14 to 24 years old), I got to pick ‘n’ mix from indie, new wave, goth, grebo, blonde, baggy, drone rock, art rock, shoe-gazing, slow-core, ambient, grunge, slacker, the new wave of new wave, Britpop, trip-hop and alt-country. And then there’s all the other flavours that weren’t to my taste (yes, “aciiieeeed” kids, I’m looking at you).

‘Godstar’ was the very first indie single I bought (back when ‘indie’ was an ideal, not just a label). I loved it immediately and love it still. Just listen to that chorus. You’ll immediately put it back on again. I clearly remember standing in a car park in Camberley on a cold February afternoon and carefully extracting everything I could from the gatefold (it was a double single!) sleeve while my mum went to the Pay and Display machine (or ‘Cash and Flash’ as my cousins used to call it). I knew nowt about the band. I didn’t know that they had a singer called Genesis P-Orridge or that they had emerged from Throbbing Gristle. The sleeve told me this was the theme song to a film about the ‘Life and Times of Brian Jones’. But the film was never made (I looked out for it for years after). This somehow makes it even more perfect.

Psychic TV was my first connection with a musical movement that to this day inspires new ideas and founds new friendships. I hope the generations to come have their own ‘Godstar’.

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Psychic TV – Godstar

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