Saturday, 12 June 2010

Now playing: 'No Ghost' - The Acorn (2010)

“You can’t understand the clouds above your head,
but they stir your heart.”

FAQ No.1: “Where do you find these bands?” When I was a kid, it was in the pages of Melody Maker, NME, Sounds, Record Mirror, Select, Vox, Lime Lizard and various fanzines. And on John Peel’s radio show, of course. And The Tube, Whistle Test and SnubTV (if the Controller of BBC2 is reading, how about bringing that back?). And lots of gigs. These days, of course, new music is all very easy to find on this here World Wide Web. And then there’s Uncut magazine – a trusty source for many delicious new finds. Such as The Acorn.

Their last album, ‘Hope Glory Mountain’, hooked me in with its comparisons to the glorious Sufjan Stevens (let’s chat about him some time soon). And this latest one finds The Acorn following their indie-folk heart in many new, delightful directions. Apparently, it was recorded in a cottage out in the wilds of Quebec. It should put the place on the map.

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