Friday, 4 June 2010

'Sight Of You' - Pale Saints (1989)

“What’s going to happen?
How will I know …
when things are back the way they used to be before?”

“For beds in Reading, the place to be heading is Reading Bedding.” Fact. (Well, according to an advert that used to play continuously on local station Radio 210. I hate that I remember this jingle so well.) For shoes in Reading, I’m not so sure. But that’s where my Dad sent me to get some ‘smart’ shoes (which translated as something without buckles or pointy toes) for my college interview. Instead I came back with this record. My Dad wasn’t too pleased.

He sent me back to Reading the next day and I just bought the first pair I saw. I wore them once. Yet I’ve listened to this record probably every month for 21 years. There’s something in the lolloping bass line and the dejected vocals. Better than any pair of shoes (high praise indeed).

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