Friday, 18 June 2010

'Thru The Flowers' - The Primitives (1987)

“You won’t ever know,
what it took to let you go.”

In the summer holidays of 1988, my cousin Matt and I decided to become writers for My Guy magazine. Yes, that’s right, the one with all the photo stories for young girls. Now obviously there were a few barriers to overcome. We hadn’t written a photo story before. And we didn’t exactly have that much insight into the minds of the target audience. But I’d read a few copies of my sister’s Just Seventeen. And, most importantly, Matt had actually been in a couple of My Guy photo stories. See? Doesn’t sound so stupid now, does it? Oh, alright, it still sounds kinda stupid.

Matt had been instantly typecast by My Guy as the ‘irresistible bad boy indie kid’, which meant he got to wear his Primitives T-shirt and leather jacket in every story. Using his insider knowledge we could surely sell a story of our own. Or perhaps not. A couple of rejection letters later it was time to head back to school and the project was forgotten. Until now. Well, actually, it’s still pretty much forgotten as I can’t recall anything we wrote. I’m quite sure I must have copies of those stories somewhere though – if they turn up, I’ll post some excerpts.

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