Saturday, 12 June 2010

'Katy Song' - Red House Painters (1993)

“Can’t go with my heart,
when I can’t feel what’s in it.”

My first boss nearly didn’t hire me. It probably didn’t help that I refused to get my hair cut for the interview (even though it was for my dream job as a scriptwriter), so I went in resembling Edward Scissorhands. Fortunately, it was just before Christmas, so I told him it was for panto and I’d have it cut in the New Year.

The real reason though was that apparently I reminded him of the scriptwriter he’d just fired. Who’d walked out of London Zoo with a penguin under his arm. Yup, that’s right: a real, live penguin.

So the odds were against me. And, in fact, I was turned down at first. But the person they hired instead didn’t work out. So I got a phone call saying they were willing to accept my assurance that I had no plans to abduct any exotic birds and the job was mine. And there begins enough tales to stuff a spin-off blog …

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