Sunday, 6 June 2010

'World In Motion' - Englandneworder (1990)

“There’s only one way to beat them:
Get round the back”

My interest in the World Cup begins and ends with this record. It was the only year I knew the name of anyone in the squad. “Oh, yeah, John Barnes. Great rapper.” And it was bemusing to see the nation embrace our most obstinate and wilfull indie heroes. This is a band that for years wouldn’t do interviews or even appear on their own album sleeves, and now here they were on TOTP gurning with Gazza.

It was New Order’s last release on Factory Records, fact fans. And originally titled ‘E For England’ until the FA pulled their worried and frowny faces. Don’t say you never learn anything reading these posts. (Though you can say, ‘You just looked that up on Wikipedia’ – I wouldn’t be able to argue with that.)

It’s a big shame they never got round to writing their long-rumoured Eurovision entry. Maybe there’s a chance yet. The petition starts here.

Spotify linky:
England New Order – World In Motion

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