Sunday, 16 May 2010

'Can't Be Sure' - The Sundays (1989)

“It’s good to have something to live for you’ll find;
Live for tomorrow.
Live for a job and a perfect behind,
High time.”

(See what I’ve done here? It’s Sunday. What song should I choose ? Yes? Very clever, I’m sure you’ll agree.)

My friend Laura G was a huge fan of The Sundays from this very first song. Which meant I couldn’t be. Those were the rules. Well, the indie snob rules. If a friend at school discovered a band before you did, you had to dislike that band. In fact, you had to actively dislike them. In every childish way possible. “The Sundays? The Scumdays, more like. Have you heard the secret B-side track on the white label, French import, 12-inch remix of the new Family Cat single? No? Then you can hardly comment on good music can you, Laura?” That kind of thing.

Secretly though, I was quite smitten by The Sundays' first album, ‘Reading, Writing and Arithmetic’ with its tales of hideous towns and finding a pound on the underground. How could I resist any band that sounded like a magical hybrid of The Smiths and The Cocteau Twins. And who didn’t have a soft spot for Harriet Wheeler?

So this is my belated apology to Laura. Sorry. (Voice of the Beehive still suck though.)

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