Sunday, 9 May 2010

'Red Right Hand' - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds (1994)

“You’re one microscopic cog
in his catastrophic plan,
designed and directed by
his red right hand.”

Sundays are spent with my grandparents. They’re both fans of Nick Cave and have their favourite songs, but this is one I know they both like. I smile every time my Nan raises her right hand up in the chorus, just like Nick does on stage.

A couple of years after this was released, I met Nick at a signing for his book ‘King Ink II’ in Kensington. It was my Nan’s birthday coming up, so I thought it’d make a great present. ‘Could you sign it to Doris?’ ‘Er … Doris?’ ‘Yep, my Nan’s a big fan.’ Bemused smile from Nick. Shy handshake from me. Happy Nan.

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  1. Great song - I prefer Nick in Hell and Deep South mode.