Wednesday, 5 May 2010

'Catch' - The Cure (1987)

“Yeah, I know who you remind me of
A girl I think I used to know.
Yeah, I’d see her when the days got colder
On those days when it felt like snow.”

This is one of those songs where every line seems to be lifted from a moment in my life. You know those sort of songs, right? It means you immediately adore them, but don’t want to listen too many times in case they get tarnished. Yes?

A few months before this song was released, I met a girl in the snow. To be honest, I hit her on the back of the head with a snowball. She spun round. We met. If her scowling from a distance can be called ‘meeting’. Yes, I’ve decided it can.

The song will tell you all you need to know about this girl for the moment. We became fast friends, so the part of the song about not catching her name was true only for about half an hour. We’ll call her Toni, for that was in fact her name. And we’ll cross her path again in future songs. (Basically, in every single Cure song - and there will be a few.)

Listening to 'Catch' again right now, it still seems plucked straight from that January day. (Pause for reflection.)

So the lesson here is … always hit girls on the back of the head with snowballs if you get the chance. Erm … no, perhaps that isn’t the lesson.

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The Cure – Catch


  1. I'd make a great hand model.

    Does anyone miss cassette singles?