Saturday, 22 May 2010

Now playing: 'Terrible Love' - The National (2010)

“And I can’t fall asleep
without a little help.”

“Enough with 1987. What are you whistling this week?” Well, don’t let it ever be said I don’t listen to you good folk – yes Debbie, I’m talking to you. This is the new weekly bit (possibly, let’s see how it goes) where we’ll come bang up to date with the songs that thrill, soothe, delight, vibrate, comfort, amuse and terrify me.

While the world waits for a new Elbow album, it seems The National have become the latest music press darlings with their new album ‘High Violet’. And quite rightly too. Of course, I’ve been in to them from the start – when, for some reason, I thought they were French. If you like your singers tortured, brooding and slightly incomprehensible, then welcome to their world.

Spotify linky:
The National – Terrible Love

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