Saturday, 8 May 2010

'Vet For The Insane' - Fields Of The Nephilim (1987)

“I want to go home,
In this asylum I cry for you.”

My sister is six years younger than me, which meant that in my early teens I was occasionally put on babysitting duty. And this is the song I used to terrify her with when she went to bed. But in a playful way. Yes … a playfully terrifying sort of way.

Five minutes after closing her door, I’d crank up my stereo and belt this out from down the hall. She’d be yelling at me from her room to turn it off within about five seconds, and by the final minute – when the eerie childrens' voices and chimes arrive – she’d be up and yelling at me in my room. I never tired of this routine.

Now, I should point out that we have always got on fabulously – none of that usual sibling squabbling. And I think she developed a love/hate relationship with this song. Plus, she got her own back a year later by continually torturing me with her New Kids On The Block albums. Hangin’ tough, indeed.

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